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Design Rule Error Circle Marker - double click on marker to identify the error in DRC tab of spread sheet

Status: New

Instead of identifying errors by double clicking on the Yellow X of entry in DRC Tab of spread sheet, double click on the error circle marker in the workspace to automatically point to the error in the list under the DRC Tab.


Sounds simple, should be easy to add feature.


This way all errors associated with a section of the layout can be systematically fixed.


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Also,  it should be possible to select errors by layer.


At the moment, error markers are superimposed for all layers.


It would much easier to choose a layer, view the marker and fix.  Since marker center is about error, often possible to fix from the graphical identification.


Below are error markers identifying errors on both sides of board, where does one begin to fix?  If could choose a layer to work on, and have errors on respective layer identified, then would be easy.  Plus per above suggestion, if by selecting the error marker, DRC tab would highlight error, Fixes would be easy.  At the moment, process is painful.




Since Ultiboard has a great spread sheet


Would be good if the row of all nets containing a design rule errors could be highlight in sum color.  


This way would be another way of identifying clearance specs, and possible to change.


Often would like to change a group setting if appropriate,


When a setting is changed which complys with the rule, the roll should resort to white background.


Rule check "circle markers" are same color for all layers.


Would be good for color to be designated for each layer, that way there would be no guessing about  which layer the error is.