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Add "Export as" for Word to help teachers create documents for students

Status: New

Exporting on as .png file is limiting in the sense that you actually have to crop the exported figure to have it fit nicely in a word document. Scaling of the figure also leads to a loss of quality. The grid in the background should also be removed on request.


As Microsoft word is largely used to create documents for students, the possibility to export as metafile would be useful to teachers.


p.s. Word does not fully support svg files but "export as .svg" would still be a nice option.

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SVG is standard, but word does not support it. However, EMF is a supported vector format, and is included in the windows base formats, and of course is supported by Microsoft Word and many formats. Another related feature can be the integration with softwares like Ghostcript, to export mutiple formats, without the need to develop a complete export and conversion library.