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Accessibility of multisim live for people with disabilities

Status: New



I am a lecturer at UNED, the Spanish National Distance Learning University. It is a University offering blended learning, however, the online learning is essential. I am member of a team composed of 3 lecturers, who are teaching Digital Electronics to first years' students in a Computer Science Engineering BSc programme. More than 1300 students are enrolled in our module this year.

Multisim live is a great innitiative, thank you for that. There are some components we are still missing in the live version as for Digital Electronics, but we understand that this is an evolving project that will grow gradually.


Another issue for us is that, among our students, we have an increasing rate of students with disabilities, including people with visual impairments and people with impairments in the mobility of upper limbs. For that reason, multisim live's compliance with WCAG 2.1 is essential for an inclusive university like ours.


We are already working with accessible mathematical expressions, and with tactile diagrams of theoretical concepts.


Any improvements of an outstanding practical tool like Multisim in that direction would be really highly appreciated. Not only by our university, I believe. Attending the needs of disabled students is currently mandatory according to the laws in Spain and in many other countries.


Kind regards,