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Hello Circuit Designers,

I would like to tell about a new excellent set of virtual instruments available for use in Multisim. Now you can add 5 new measurement instruments that can both measure simulated data and real prototype data. This unique (and unparalled) functionality, provides the engineer with a major step forward in their ability to effectively simulate and validate their prototype designs using NI Multisim and PXI hardware platforms.

The 5 instruments are available for download on NI labs, and are:

    1. DC Variable Power Supply  [which can also connect to the NI PXI-4110 hardware]
    2. 100 MHz 2-Channel Scope [which can also connect to the NI PXI-5122 hardware]
    3. 100 MHz 20-Channel HSDIO [which can also connect to the NI PXI-6552 hardware]
    4. 7.5 Digit Multimeter [which can also connect to the NI PXI-4071 hardware]
    5. 200 MHz Arbitrary Waveform Generator [which can also connect to NI PXI-5422 hardware]




I am not able to download the content.

Could you help me?

Thanks in advance!