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writing daq data to spreadsheet with headers

I am using a M6259 daq board with LV 8. My experience with LV is newer than LV 8 so bear with me when I seem ignorant because I am. Basically I am taking voltage measurements on 4 channels; driving a stepper motor to move to the next measurement position; taking another set of measurements on the same daq channels; and then stepping again. I take a total of 5 sets of measurements that I want to write to an EXCEL spreadsheet with headers. I use case structures to set up the 5 measurement cases. The program takes data and moves to the next position the way I want it to perform. My problem is writing the data to a spreadsheet.  I found a "Write to spreadsheet plus headers" vi that I belive a discussion forum member had posted to answer another individual's query. I believe this vi had been developed by modification of the "write to".  I installed this vi into the vi I developed to take the measurements. When I run, the header turns out as expected in EXCEL but only the last set of measurements is in XL and it is in the first column. I suspect that I am not changing columns as I take measurements but just writing over the the previous measurement write. Can you help?  Be gentle,  Gene
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You are just missing out on appending to the existing file and hence you are seeing only the last set of data as all the previous data is being overwritten.

selecting 'append to existing file' will solve your problem

Write to spreadsheet has this option.

set this as 'true'


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Thanks Dev; It works.
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