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write data into fifo and output at the same time, pci 6711

I am now communicating with PCI 6711 DAQ card by using LabVIEW 7.1. I tried to write a 2-d array -- many <x,y> values -- into the FIFO on the PCI 6711, and the <x,y> values should be outputted one by one to the 2 analog outputs -- x to AO0 and y to AO1 at the same time, depending on the hardware clock (or the trigger). Can anyone tell me, if it is possible to do this. If yes, how? I have got the figure by using DAQmx, but i don't know if they are being outputted really at the SAME time and if it is independently from software (I mean LabVIEW or Windows).
OS: Windows XP Pro with SP2
Software: LabVIEW 7.1
Hardware: PCI-6711
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There are plenty examples installed with your driver. Check the following folder on your computer:

...National Instruments/LabView 7.1/examples/DAQmx/Analog Output/Generate Voltage.llb

Inside the .llb are various VIs, using internal or external clocks, different triggertypes etc.

Here you can find an example, that shows how to output multiple channels:

Hope this helps!




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Thanks for the SUPER quick answer Smiley Very Happy

I'll try it again

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