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why the instrument doesent appear in max



We used the forum because, it's impossible to talk to someone by phone .... great service!


We just received the labview base version and the NI pci-6230.


We install ALL the drivers that we can find on the daqmx dvd and on the board 6230 dvd.

Then we install labview 2009 with the first dvd (dvd 2/2 is useless?).


Then we launch max instruments...


We are 2 software enginer and the it crew to find how to install this board....



So the question,

What we need to do to use the board? 



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It's ok juste need to install 3 DVD of driver for a small board....
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Hi Skrieg,
The correct way to install your PCI-6230 is as follows:
1. Install LabVIEW and restart your computer.
2. Install NI-DAQmx and turn off your computer.
3. Plug in your PCI-6230 card and turn on your computer, and the Windows' Find New Hardware Wizard should automatically find the correct driver for your card.
If you use the driver DVD that is shipped with the PCI-6230, it should only contain NI-DAQmx. Hence, I'm not sure why you have the option to install "all the drivers".
Inside the box that contains the PCI-6230, there is actually a "DAQ Getting Started, Read Me First: NI-DAQmx and DAQ Device Installation Guide" to explain the steps that you need to install and use your DAQ device. This document can also be downloaded from the webpage below:
Hope this information is helpful.
Have a nice weekend.
M. Guo
Applications Engineer
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