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why can't vista find the driver for DAQCard-6036E

I am trying to install a PCMCIA card DAQCard 6036 on a vista based laptop but when i insert the card it is recognised but vista cannot find a driver on the labview DVD or Driver CD's. Is there a driver available?
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Hi there ,
When you bought the card, you should have recieved the Daqmx driver along with it. When you say that the card is recognised, are you able to communicate to it via MAX or Labview?
Make sure you disconnect your device when installing your driver. If you do not have DAQmx, the latest version can be downloaded from here.
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Hi again,
I am sorry for being hasty, but DAQCard (PCMCIA) support for Windows Vista is not available for NI data acquisition devices. For laptop-based measurements with 16-bit resolution, please consider NI DAQPads or USB M Series.
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This was 2.5 years ago.  There's still no support for DAQcards in Vista?  Why has this not been addressed?

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Where did you get the information that there is no support? Did you look at the support page? Did you look in the readme for the current driver - DAQmx 9.0.2?
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I got the information from Vista when it could not find the driver for my 6036E.  I'm using DAQmx 9.0.1.
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Is it Vista 64? Only Vista 32 is supported according to the link.
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Yes, it's Vista x64, which I only upgraded to when I discovered that NI would not be supporting XP x64 for ANY drivers.  Now I find out that expensive cards which my company has purchased from NI must be replaced with USB devices which did not exist until long after the DAQCards were acquired.
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