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which type of the M.DAQ i should use for brainwave analysis

as u mention that, i can't put the electrode input direct to a DAQ, there must be a isolated amplifier be4 i go in to the Ni DAQ.

"the easiest way to manage all of this is to purchase or borrow a commercial EEG amplifier (or more general biopotential amplifer) that has an analog output that is high level (+/-1V or more) and ready to connect to an NI data acquisition board for digitizing, processing, and storing on the PC." 

i though the voltage that we read formt he electrode are in microvolt? if i can get a DAQ that  Minimum Voltage Range-200..200 mV 

mean i also able to simulate the signal?

i would like to use brainwave analysis to detect the word that we wana to said out but we dunno speak out.

use mind to control our speech, this will be help on the poeple can't talk. i'm trying looking on this


thanks for ur kindly information

jin ling

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