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using a cDAQ 9184 in a project



Currently I am using a cFP-2200 with multiple modules. i had to improve the performace and signal collection for a load cell, analog Input need more speed. I purchase a cDAQ 9184 with a NI 9205 Analog Input and Load cell.  I can see the Network Devise in Max and it shows the cDAQ 9184 and both modules, I can test all the inputs and read data just fine using the test inputs.


I am using LabView 2012 with the latest pack (or update). No I have not updated to LabView 2013, I do not like make those type of changes in the middle of project once the project is completed I will do so.


I can not add the cDAQ 9184 to the project list I does not show in the list of Target Devices, I have look for it in intire list.

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Hi Toro,


You shouldn't need to create a target in Project Explorer to access your cDAQ 9184.  First make sure that you have DAQmx drivers installed (I've attached a link below).  Then in your block diagram use the DAQmx Create Channel function to establish communication with your device.  You can right click the Physical Channels input terminal and create a constant that will allow you to select the appropriate device and module.


DAQmx 9.8:



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National Instruments

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