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using NI PCI6034E DAQ board with a laptop

I currently have an application using the NI PCI6034E DAQ board in a pc. I would like to change this application so that I can use the same DAQ board, but have it connected to a laptop. For example, have the DAQ board in it's own separate box, and connect it to the laptop with the appropriate cables. Is this possible...what other hardware would I need to do this? Thanks for the help.
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I know that a PCI bus cannot be mixed with a PCMCIA bus at all. I also know that NI does not sell or provide any PCI to PCMCIA converter or viceversa for performing the operation that you want to do. However, I have heard that some people have gotten those PCI to PCMCIA converters or viceversa, but don't know what company from. Sorry about that! You should do a little bit of more research. Nevertheless, I know for sure, that NI will not be liable for the performance of the PCI daq board with such a device. It will be up to you.

Finally, my suggestion would be to use a PCMCIA daq board for your laptop, rather than getting an additional device. However, if you find the device, and find out that it is reliable, go for it.

Hope this info helps,

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I totally agree with Aguila. Since PCI and PCMCIA technologies are very different (one uses DMA channels and IRQs, the other one only uses IRQs), you could experience some performance issues when using the PCI to PCMCIA converter.

My advise will be to use one of NI's PCMCIA cards, like the DAQCard-6024E

Good luck with your application!
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