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usb 6210 for 24VDC solenoid valve

Can one use usb 6210 DAQ for controlling a 24V DC solenoid valve? I read "USB-621x digital lines can drive 16 mA for relay and actuator control"

Goal is to digitally control solenoid valve using usb 6210. What would be the wiring diagram to connect 24 V PS, solenoid valve and USB 6210.


Any help would help me figure out. Right now I am not even sure if 16 mA on digital line is compatible with 24VDC 0.55 W solenod valve. If not then can one work with a lower Voltage solenoid valve 12VDC at 0.55 W with USB 6210?


Need to control two valves with the same USB 6210 DAQ and one 24VPS.


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The 6210 has a 5 volt output. Not 24 or 12 volts.
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Dennis Knutson wrote:
The 6210 has a 5 volt output. Not 24 or 12 volts.




Which USB DAQ would I need that can supply 24 VDC and also turn on/off two solenoid valves via Labview vi and DAQ.

Alternatively, can I use a single external 24VDC source with a USB DAQ to control the two solenoid valves digitally via labview. Which DAQ would work for this.
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If you add a switch MosFet (or a relay) you can switch your valve with a digital output from a DAQ device.

If you want I can place a little schematic here. But you have to build some hardware to control the valve.

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Thanks KC,


Please do illustrate including the reqd hardware.

there are two 24VDC solenoid valves, one usb DAQ 6210 and one 24VDC PS.

Many thanks!


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First what is the current rating of your valve ?



In this thread you find a relay driver.

Also you can place the valve  in the circuit where the relay coil is. But it depends on the valve current.



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valve is smc solenoid valve: specs indicate 24 V DC, power is (in rush) = 0.55 W and (in holding) = 0.22 W


woiuld this scheme work, with mosfet switch (attached)? 

asking very basic questions. thanks for your patience!


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That will just work fine.


One addition: add a 10k (or so) resistor from the the gate to ground for each mosfet to prevent to mosfet to open without a driving line. 

The current is low enough that you can use almost every switch mosfet.

Also I think the output voltage from your DAQ device is 5V. Also add a 1k resistor in series with your DAQ device and the Gate of the mosfet to limit the current.

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I am attaching the modified scheme, per your suggestion. Few questions:


1) Doesn't each 1 K need to be on the source side? (completely ignorant on this)


Also per USB 6210 spec

max output range is 0..3.8V and current drive (channel/ total) = 16 mA/50mA


2) Will 0 to 3.8 V work?


3) Is the current in the modified scheme = 24 /1K = 24 mA? for each valve sinking into D gnd via source?  Would this mean it will ovreshoot the USB spec?


Thanks for helping out!

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With attachment for previous message!
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