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usb 6009 linux under Debian

Hello I'm trying to get working a USB 6009 DAQ under Linux Debian: "Linux bulnes 2.6.18-5-686 #1 SMP Wed Oct 3 00:12:50 UTC 2007 i686 GNU/Linux" I've downloaded the latest Ni Linux driver nidaqmxbase. I've done the following: Using "alien" I've converted the rpm files to debian files (.deb). Afterwards, I've installed the debian files using "dpkg". Now I attach the USB 6009 to my PC and run the NI binary daqmxbase_listdevices and I get no output (seems the USB 6009 is not detected). Please, can you help me? Regards, David
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Well, as you may know we don't officially support Debian, but I can tell you that your method is missing some steps.  Besides installing the rpms many of the components also have post install scripts that need to be run.  You can try running:

find /usr/local/natinst/ -name "*"

Then for each result returned run:

. <product>

You also may have better luck if you simply installed rpm on your system and then use the supplied INSTALL script, but you may run into different problems that way.

Shawn Bohrer
National Instruments
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Hello Shawn I haven't been able to do what you said, The .sh files use file paths which doesn't correspond to Debian paths and we'd have to change all those paths in the .sh files which will take a lot of effort and time with no guarantee of results... I don't know what to do and I'm afraid we can't work with National Instruments products under Debian. David
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