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unrecoverable error for myRIO-1900

LabVIEW was not able to recognize myRIO and the getting started wizard would not show up when I plugged it into my computer. I figured out form a troubleshooting remote system discovery window that I needed to install the real-time module. After reinstalling all of the software and the real-time module, the getting started wizard shows up, but now I have a bunch of other problems. The wizard tells me:


Error -2147220293 occurred at

Possible reason(s):

NI System Configuration: BIOS update required before installing.

Complete call chain:
Host_Get SW Set
Host_Get Available SW


And then on top of that when I try to manually add the myRIO to a project it it tells me: NI-myRIO-1900-03058181 (, features not available)


Also, in the NI-MAX the status of the myRIO is "connected - safe mode (no software installed)" but I have just installed all of the software that came with the myRIO. 


Also, the status LED on the myRIO blinks twice in a row every once and a while.


If you have any information that could help that would be much appreciated. Thank you for anything that you can help me with.


-engineering student

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Do you have the myRIO toolkit installed?

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Could you attach a MAX Technical report so we can get a better picture of your system?

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What "Firmware Version" does NI MAX report for your myRIO, and what version of the LabVIEW and RIO software were you trying to install to it?


On a myRIO, the "firmware" includes pieces needed for installation, and sometimes newer versions of software need a newer firmware. The -2147220293 error seems to indicate that's what has happened here. The blinking status LED is consistent with the device being in "safe mode", which is what the myRIO boots into when there is no software installed.


The "Update Firmware" button in MAX should direct you to an updated firmware image (named something like "myRIO-1900_6.0.0.cfg").

Brandon Streiff ·
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