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unable to use App Builder DLLs with Visual Basic -- NIPALU

I found in ur knowledge base that there was a problem in NIDAQ 6.9.1 that was supposed to be fixed with the next version. I am using 6.9.2f8. I can run the VB .exe, but this makes debugging a pain.
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Which problem are you reffering to? Do you have a KnowledgeBase document ID? Also; I'm not sure I understand why debuging the exe would be a pain.
Sorry I was not able to help more, please elaborate on your problem and I may be able to do something.

Amaury R.
Applications Engineer
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link to KB ID:

It is a pain to debug the VB exe because I cannot use the normal debugging tools provided in the VB interface if I can only launch the executable to try it out. Imagine trying to debug a VI without the debugger.

The problem is that when I load Visual Basic and use it to call a DLL created by NI App Builder, I get an error "unable to initialize NIPALU.DLL". I am able to successfully run the VB executable from the command line.

Thanks for your help.
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