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ubuntu and the USB-6008. Can't see data.

On Ubuntu

8.10, we have a new kernel (version 2.6.27-11-generic) running with the nikal
module successfully loaded:

dereks@laptop:~$ lsmod | grep ni
70340  0

However, we cannot get the module "nipalk" to
load.  When we try to load it, dmesg reports the errors at the end of this

I don't know what the nipalk module is or if it is
required.  When we try to read data from the USB device, it is detected by
lsdaq, but no data is available (and the int pointers passed to the Nat. Inst.
library do not get filled with data):

This was after getting the mxbase firmware changed in the DAQ.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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further information for the previous post, see attached.

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Hello robors,

Although DAQmx Base is officially supported only in specific versions of Mandriva, Redhat and SUSE it is possible that it can work with other versions of Linux. The instructions for correctly installing the DAQmx Base software can be found in the DAQmx Base 3.2 readme.

Based on what you have said it seems that you recently upgraded your kernel. Did you do this before or after installing and compiling DAQmx Base? I ask this because during the installation the DAQmx Base driver is compiled to a specific kernel and any change to the kernel can cause the software to break.

Dan King

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