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timing callback

I have the following Problem with the attached code.
Short explain of the problem:
The callback function "ChangeSelectionVariant(..)"  should be called when something is changed in one control. The Callback Function "ChangeSelectionVariant()" calls the function "SetOfDescription" at the end. This all works in the debug mode.
When I run this as release I never reach the end of the function "SetOfDescription" especiallly the code section
if (OriginalOfCall==1
what could be the problem? that a timing problem?
regards samuel
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hello samuel,

could you place a message popup for example after the whileloop in the function "SetOfDescription()" to see, if it ends in also in release mode.

just try to go step by step forward with moving the message popup down the function in order to see, in which function the execution doesn't return.


robert h
NI germany
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