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time is running too fast in Dasylab10, time base problem?



I added a measurement time indicator in my layoutscreen in Dasylab but:

time is running too fast.

I am using "dasylab" in the timebase setting.

how can I fix this?


Kind regards, 


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Hello Waouter,


thank you so much for your post on our webforum. This section is tended for data acquisition hardware. There is a special section on our forum about dasylab; . You can also create a log in and use the dasylab support facilities at; or best is to fill up a form on this site;


I think is is best to add some information (operating system and hardware information) to your post. By posting this under this section the post will be viewed by some other Dasylab users and also some Dasylab support engineers.


I'm sorry I can't help you any further (I'm a Labview support engineer); a search through our data bases didn't show this as a known issue.


Best regards,

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Martijn S
Applications Engineer
NI Netherlands
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What do you mean with "Time is to fast"?



Tom Rizzo
InSyS Corp.
Your DASYLab integrator
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