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the pci-1200 chip burned after power up.

I changed the pci but the software doesn't respond. Please send me info on possible causes and how to check if the pci hardware is working. Thank you,

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I don't understand clearly your question. However, I will try to help you as much as possible.

If you mean how to know if the pci board is working, you must install either the board in another pci slot of the same computer, or install it in another computer to see if it is still being recognized by MAX.

Also, if you mean how to know if the pci bus of your computer is working. Try to install the board in another computer, and see if it works there. This is the link which helps you to install NI daq boards: Moreover, you can try to install another pci card that has nothing to do with NI, to see if the pci bus is still being able to recognize something there.

Finally, if you mean that you changed the pci board for another on
e of the same model, and the software does not respond, follow the suggestions of the first case, to see if it works.

Hope this information is helpful.

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If the board is not being recognized by your OS or Measurement and Automation Explorer, most likely the board is not functioning properly.
The best way to go is to send the board to NI so that can be fixed properly for you.
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