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sound heart beathi

hi.... i am an electronics engineering.. I have an issue that analize heart sound from wav file.The wav file comes from stethoscope that integrated electret microphone. The sound that i capture recorded using sound recorder ( on windows ).The Vi's that i design can only find the peak. I cant design the vi's that can count how many peak can detected for 1 minute.. Peak that detected is describe the beat, so i can find the bpm.. is there can help me?

from another tread( phonocardiograph ) the source is come from xls file. I dont understand how it can work ( sorry, i'm newbie in labview ). I really really confused to design the Vi's that can count how many beat in one minute and the minute later. I'm wating for others help.. Thanks
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If the sound file you recorded for exactly one minute then you should get the exact count.

In the VI you have attached, the threshold value for the vi "Threshold Peak Dteector" is not connected. It would be better if you connect a known voltage level for the peak detection.

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refer to this thread
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   ok, thanks.. But actually i dont understand how to count the beat.. Actually, I would it design the sound real time, using microphone capture from the labview function, so the sound can processed directly.. So it can more than 1 minute.....

If the peak detector, can detect the "dug" on heart sound as 1 peak, why others "dug" not counting as 2,3, until the timer stopped the counting. is there can explain me or edited my vi's? actually is labview is new in my campuss.. There are no daq hardware.., DAQ that i use is souncard,  The graph that shows only the amplitudo and the time...
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hi, i want to display the heart sound signal along with the heart rate on labView7.1.
I really need your comments on my VI.
the data is taken using condenser microphone.
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