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setting up scaling for voltage to temperature using an alicat flowmeter and scb-68

hi all,

I am attempting to setup an SCB-68 with an alicat flowmeter, the input from the flowmeter is a voltage, the current value for the voltage input is 1.25, my ambient air temperature is 28 deg C. My problem is I am having trouble obtaining the correct scaling? Any help would be appreciated. I am working with degrees celsius if this matters.

many thanks in advance,

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Hi Rayhaan,

You can set up custom scaling on a DAQmx task either in LabVIEW or in MAX. You can set up a linear scale by specifying an offset and gradient, as well as polynomial scales, tables of values, etc. This should be suitable for your needs, insofar as I understand your problem.

To set up a custom scale in MAX, go to your DAQmx task and select Scaling»Custom Scaling from the configuration tab. This will allow you to make a scale that can be used for this task and future tasks.
To set up a custom scale in LabVIEW, find the "Create Scale" vi (under DAQmx»Advanced»Scale Setup), select the scale type you wish to use from the polymorphic VI selector (the bit labelled "Linear" by default) and wire in the parameters you want to use. You will give your scale a name that will allow you to refer to it when you wish to use it with a new DAQmx task.

I hope this is suitable for your problem. Please post back if you have trouble setting up scales or if this is not suitable for you. If you need help setting up the exact scaling parameters, please give more information on your setup.

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Thanks very much for the reply, and the help, that did the trick...

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