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running real time pci-7041 directly on windows (not using RTOS)

I'm using pci-7041 real time module. The problem is I'm running it directly on windows (not using RTOS). Is it OK? While in the user manual it's said that pci-7041 only support ETS. I can't use RTOS because I don't know how to use it and disability of my college lab.
If it's OK running directly on windows, how can I use TCP/IP, Shared Memory, or VI Server to save measurement to harddisk?
Thank's for your advice
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The 7041 is actually another computer within your computer.  It is designed to only work with LabVIEW Real Time installed on the 7041, and LabVIEW Real-Time module installed on the host windows machine to be able to communicate with it.  I would recommend following the directions here to get the card set up and running:

From there, you will need to get up to speed with LabVIEW Real-Time.  Here is a good starting point:

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--Paul Mandeltort
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Yes, I've used LabVIEW Real Time module and understood using NI-Daqmx. I was able to create vi and downloaded it to run in pci-7041, and succeed to run this vi. I run it in one computer installed the device ,windows, labview and real time module. Is it OK? or i have to use it on two computers ( one for labview real time module and another for pci-7041 connected with network)?

Do you mean that 'host windows machine can communicate with pci-7041' can be done in one computer?

I can't download the pdf file because it always fails to complete the download (maybe the server is busy or my connection is too slow). I'm sorry if my question is confusing.
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I apologize, I couldn't quite determine the scope of your question before.  I understand better now. Yes, you can communicate with the 7041 directly through the PCI bus. 

You should be able to see the board in Measurement and Automation Explorer under Devices and Interfaces once you have DAQmx and LabVIEW Real-Time installed (install RT first).

Since you can't download the manual, take a look at this knowledgebase article:

Also, you can try getting the manual here from our FTP server:

--Paul Mandeltort
Automotive and Industrial Communications Product Marketing
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