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resistance measurement

resistance measurement



I have a NI USB-5133.  Are there any examples on how to measure resistance using this DAQ?  I thought I saw an example in the discussion forum on how to measure resistance if your DAQ is not capable of doing so by applying a voltage.  I have 10 resistors in parallel.  Would it be easier to use a Kiethley 2000 Multimeter?  And how can I use the multimeter to measure and record the resistance in LABVIEW?  Are there any examples for this?


Thank you!!

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Re: resistance measurement

Surely you are aware of Ohm's Law if your signature is accurate. You could put a known resistor in series, measure the voltage drop, caclulate the current. From the voltage drop across the unknown resistance and the current, you calculate the resistance. The scope might not be able to provide a voltage but access to a battery or cheap wall wart is trivial.


Sure you can use the Keithley to measure resistance. There's even a driver with examples.

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Re: resistance measurement

Of course I know Ohm's Law.  This is exactly what I am going to do.  But my concern is with the programming in Labview on how to record the measurement with my DAQ (and post the measurement to an excel spreadsheet).  Are there any example vi's? My devices must be monitored continuously as they are in a saline solution for an accelerated lifetime test.  Hardware I'm set.  Software not so much.


Thank you for your help!

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Re: resistance measurement

Yes, there are examples that come with your scope card. Help>Find Examples>Hardware Input and Output.


There are also examples that show how to use the Write to Spreadsheet File which can create a file that Excel can read. Much, much simpler than using native Excel. That would require AciveX.

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Re: resistance measurement

Thanks alot! I think I'm ready to go with this test setup! Thanks again!

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