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produce sound waveform through analog output

I am learning how to use the analog output on a DAQMX labview 7.1 system. I have produced a waveform with periods of rest (silence) and periods of sounds (with different amplitudes, frequencies, durations). SO for example i have a waverform with 100ms of rest; 200 ms at 450Hz, 100 ms rest and 200ms ar 300 Hz.
How can I play this? At the moment I can only play one sound, but not the entire waveform.
Thank you in advance,
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It exists some very good examples in LabView.

I think it is a good way to learn some programming methods.

I found one which can be helpful for your application.

The vi name is “Cont Gen Voltage Wfm-Int”.


To access the examples follow this path:

Help->Find Exemple -> Folders Structure -> Choose the folder “Daqmx” -> Analog Out-> Generate Voltage.llb -> Cont Gen Voltage Wfm-Int



Johan G.


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I am new to labview, and I was just wondering if someone could help me with my problem. I was given a program which they say runs perfectly but when I opened I keep on getting a message "required dll file missing". It does not actually say which .dll file but it keeps comming up after I press OK. It keeps on doing this until the front panel opens but it is not executable.
I am using Labview 6i and the software is for data acquisition and control.
Really need your help...
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Did you install the driver "Daq trad". It is necessary for a data acqisition.
You can find this driver at this address:

You should ask the person who made the program which driver he used.

Johan G.

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