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problem with frame synchronizer for satellite signals

dear sir
i am greatful to you for replying to my problem. as you have said we have even checked the examples in nidaq folder. they contain some good examples worth checking out. we tried to use signals in general purpose counters option, but it dint work. since the functions are inbuilt we couldnt trace the movement of data in the system. now can we use the serial data signal to be given at one DIO line, and can we sample it using clock signal given at other DIO line? also is pci 6014 compatible with 6.9.3 driver? and the cd provided with daq includes manual corresponding to 6.9 only, can we use it?

thanking you

project student
master control facility,ISRO
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Hello Uddesh,

As far as driver compatibility with your PCI-6014, yes NI-DAQ 6.9.3 can be used. However, it is recommended to use the most recent driver which is NI-DAQ 7.3 for most operating systems. The only operating system that requires 6.9.3 is Windows 95. Here is a link to where you can find all the drivers supported for your specific card and operating system Driver Versions.

You could locate a newer manual in the following Link.

Now, I am not sure who you talked to before regarding this issue, but I am not sure what examples you are referring to in specific and what you are trying to do. I would really appreciate it if you could post the details of the issue so that I can address your questions.

Ayman K
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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dear sir
thanks for replying... as have asked here i am sending my last posted issue.

how can i
read a serail data synced with an external clock |

Support Question:
we need to frame synchronize the data coming from satellites. we recieve 2 signals, one a serial data & another a clock in sync with the data... our application requires to search a flag in the serial data stream. by
chopping of flag we need to packetize the data frames into 128 bytes

Software Details: Visual C++ version N/A
NI Hardware : Multifunction DAQ device PCI-6014
Driver Version : 6.9.3
Operating System: Windows 2000

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uddesh aj

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Ph: (08261) 224292


Dear Mr. Uddesh,

You can use external signals as clocks for data acquisition. I would
encourage you to search for readily available examples on If
face any problem in that, please feel free to get back in touch with

Regards ..
Rajendu Choubisa
Applications Engineer
National Instruments.
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Thank you for posting your previous issue. The card that you have does not support correlated measurements on the digital lines. The ability of using an external clock as the source of your clock is not supported by B and E series boards. Only selected cards including M series and high speed DIO cards do support correlated DIO operations. Thank you again for contacting National Instruments.

Ayman K
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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