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pressure transducer issues

I have been issues for some time being able to sucessfully use my pressure transducer to respond in any way to varying hydro-static pressures that I have applied to it by connecting it to a water tank.


The pressure transducer is a valdyne p-2 0-15psig transducer that outputs a signal of 0-5v (
I have the transducer connected to an scxi 1314, which is in turn connected to an scxi 1520. I have wired the transducer to the scxi 1314 using wiring diagrams for a full wheatstone bridge, and have been generally unsuccessful.
The rep from validyne (the transducer vendor) has assured me that this should be a very straightforward process, so I am very confused as to why I have been so unsuccessful.
Is there something I am missing here? Is the data aquisition equipment I am using even the correct equipment? Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi jjacobsce14,


Looking into the data sheet of your sensor, the SCXI 1520 with the SCXI 1314 terminal block should work with your hardware. The sensor requires between 7.5-30 V excitation, which the 10V output of the SCXI 1520 should satisfy. 


I would double check the connections of your terminal block with the appropriate Full-Bridge configuration in this manual. The connection diagrams begin on page 2-6. 


According to the instruction manual of your transducer, it seems Pins 1 and 2 would be connected to P+ and P- respectively on the SCXI 1314. Pins 3 and 4 would be connected to S+ and S- respectively. 


Hope this helps!

Robert R. | Applications Engineer | National Instruments
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