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pressure measurement

Hi Everyone. I have an old Kistler type 7001 pressure sensor and type 5007 charge amplifier and I'm going to use NI USB 6009 DAQ board to measure in-cylinder pressures of a single cylinder diesel engine.I'm very much new to Lab view and using all these sensors.Can some one kindly tell me how to start and I would be very grateful if someone could post a program (block diagram) to collect,convert the voltage to pressure and write the final output to a text file.Thanks alot in advance.

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The best place to start is with the DAQ examples. Look for one which does all of the functions you require. Then modify it as needed for your specific needs.



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Thank you very much for your quick response Lynn.I tried with some examples but could not actually follow them.There were some issues with regard to the conversion of pressure sensor voltage signals to pressure units.Anyway,I will give it another try and I request you to kindly find me some info where I can follow it with ease.Thanks alot again.

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