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power surge fried computer motherboard... new motherboard.. NI PCI-6224= no data

Please Help. im a 22 year old up and coming mechanical engineer. I have a data computer i use to aquire speed, temp, voltage, and various other  variables from machines. im using the NI SC-2345 control console with the NI PCI-6224 data logging computer card. recently, a power surge blew the mother board in my computer. Replaced mother board. my laview still works and remembers my program buuuuut..... no data. i switched my NI SC-2345 with a new one... any ideas? 
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Hi, PQ.


Is your PCI-6224 detected in Device Manager or Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX)?  Are you able to open the device's Test Panels in MAX?  Does it pass the self-test in MAX?  Are you receiving an error message when trying to acquire data?


Sara Lewandroski
Applications Engineer | National Instruments
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