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pcie 6361 multichannel analog input crossed signal

I'm using a pcie 6361 with a scb-68 breakout board to measure two signals simultaneously. My problem is that I am seeing a small trace of signal A in signal B and vice versa.


A simpler explanation of the same problem: if I connect a signal to any of the analog inputs, I can see that signal on every other analog input (very small of course, but present). Is there any way to eliminate that unwanted ghost signal?




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you have discovered crosstalk due to the multiplexing ADC sample&hold capacitor settling time.

See spec of your card.

Minimize it by

reduce the samplerate and

reduce the source impedance

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Based on your description, you might find the following KnowledgeBase articles helpful:


"KB 49F73C4G: What is the Difference Between Crosstalk and Ghosting?"

"KB 28MF7JQO: Troubleshooting Unexpected Voltages, Floating, or Crosstalk on Analog Input Channels"


Hopefully these resources can help you work through your issue!




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Thanks for both of your responses! I've got some work to do.

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