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I'm going to be building a new computer for my lab and I would like the computer to still be useful in the next 5yrs or so. I noticed that you are starting to have a couple of your DAQ cards available with a pci-express x1 version. Does this imply that you are going to begin phasing out your pci cards in the near future?

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Hello Ty-
We do not have plans at this time to phase out PCI support in the MIO DAQ product lines.  NI tries to provide DAQ functionality without restricting users to a single bus.  This explains the existence of, for example, the PCI-6259, PXI-6259, USB-6259, PCIe-6259, and PXIe-6259.  These are different versions of essentially the same hardware, provided on a variety of different bus architectures for greater flexibility.  All of these devices will be around and available for the forseeable future.
Let us know if you need more info.  Thanks-
Tom W
National Instruments
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