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I am trying to use a NI-PCI-5114 card to measure voltage signal. I installed NI-PCI-5114 in my computer. I can see it in the MAX and Windows Device Manager. It passes the self-test. When I tried to use DAQ Assistant to configure it ( NI-DAQ>>Aquire Signals>>Analog Input>>Voltage ), I got the message "no supported devices found". I am using LabVIEW 8.5 evaluation version. Could you tell me why?
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You can't use the DAQ Assistant because it is not a DAQ board. It is a digitizer/scope and you have to use NI-Scope on the Instrument I/O>Instrument Drivers palette.
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Hi Dennis,

Thank you so much for your help. I am new to the LabVIEW. I just got the software and the PCI-5114 board last Fri.

My application is that using the PCI-5114 to measure 2 input voltages automatically and save the results to files.I chose the leaving Window Trigger mode in order to record the data which is higher than +0.5V or  lower than -0.5V.

The device is used to record the 2 voltage signals contineouly. How should I set the hardward's timeout value?

The acquired data will be analyzed by MatLab. Which format is better, .lvm, .tdms or .tdm?

The attached file is the VI I made.

Best Regards


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Hi Min,

To acquire continuously with the scope, I would try changing the acquisition mode in the NI SCOPE Express VI to continuous.  Just keep in mind that you gather data VERY quickly that way.  With 2 channels at 250MS/s/ch, you generate 500MB of data a second!

Also, I definitely recommend exploring some of the example programs found in the NI Example Finder, which you can find from LabVIEW be going to the top menu bar and selecting Help » Find Examples.  Browse the examples by task to Hardware Input and Output » Modular Instruments » NI-SCOPE (High Speed Digitizers) » Continuous Acquisition.  There are several examples there to try.

I hope this helps!
John Bongaarts
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Hi NI-Bongo,

Thanks for your help. Those examples are very helpful. My VI works finally. Thanks a lot!

Now I am facing another issue: import the data I acquired to MatLab. I posted another thread about it:

Do you have any suggestion for me?

Best Regards

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Hi mbei,

I'll post back on the other thread to keep the information on this in one place.

John B.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments

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John Bongaarts
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