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nidaqmx python buffered tasks


For example in the docs  for nidaqmx state "This function only works with devices that support buffered tasks." I'm not sure how to tell if my PXIe-6363 supports buffered tasks. Where can I find this information?

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Hi jjcc, 


Your PXIe-6363 does support buffered tasks. For an input task, such a device will use a timing engine to acquire samples and store those samples in a buffer. Devices listed in Digital I/O Device show devices that don't have a maximum clock rate because you cannot have hardware timed tasks with these devices. The PXIe-6363 supports hardware timing Analog and Digital I/O. There are onboard FIFOs and buffers on your computer/controller that will store data to be read or written to the channel. The details for this information is also listed in the Specifications Sheet for the PXIe-6363.


There are some lines on the PXIe-6363 that will not support hardware-timed I/O. There will be a mention of the line as a static line within the specification sheet




David F.

Technical Support Engineer

National Instruments

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