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nidaq32.dll and nidex32.dll missing from nidaqmx 20.7

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I tried to use my c++ software, which uses nidaqmx c api functions defined in NIDAQmx.h to win 10.

I installed the latest nidaqmx 20.7

My program fails to start because it cannot locate nidaq32.dll and nidex32.dll

they are not shipped with nidaqmx 20.7 


I thought that the dll implementing the NIDAQmx.h functions are just those nidaq32.dll and nidex32.dll

Any suggestions?

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Hi there,

This seems like a common issue, I have found a couple of forum discussions with similar topics:


I recommend you to check them and if they were not helpful let us know 🙂

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Thanks, problem solved!

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