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ni-daqmx driver for ubuntu 20

Hi everyone

I try to install de ni-daqmx driver on my raspberry pi 4 with is running ubuntu 20.4. Therefore I downloaded the NiDriverSoftware from Then I followed the instructions for the ubuntu. 


I worked until i wantet to install the ni-daqmx with the package mangerer. I got the following message from the consol.


I'm quite new to this whole topic therefore I'd appreaciate your help. Can anyone help me out?



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I suspect NI drivers are not supported on that version of ubuntu. 

As it is indicated in below article daqmx should be available on 18.04 ubuntu. any chance you can try on that version?


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Hi,I meet the same question with you. Have you solve the question? Have you change the ubuntu version?

Thank you.

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Have you tried without the hyphen? eg

apt install nidaqmx

(No comment on arm support, just to check the package name is correct)

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