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ni 9265 wiring and VI (cdaq)



I am using a ni 9265 analog current output with a cdaq 9185 to control a small 4-20 milliamp driven valve.


I haven't successfully got it to output current yet, I was hoping I could get some help to verify I am doing things correctly:



1. +24 V from power supply to Vsup on module

2. ground from power supply to COM on module

3. wire 1 from valve to AO1

4. wire 2 from valve to AO2


VI: (see attached)

1. DAQmx create channel AO-current-basic outside while loop

2. inside the while loop DAQmx write analog double 1 channel 1 sample

3.control wired to the data input that ranges from .004 to .020


I set up the task for analog output current for the module in measurement and automation explorer.




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For further discussions cf. this parallel thread

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Sorry, typo in my original post by mistake:


3 & 4. the valve was wired to AO0 and AO0 ground 

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