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need a new AMP connector pn 182482A-01

I am looking for a cable assembly (AMP part number 182482A) for NI-6036E analog data acquisition.  I currently have a 1 m long cable assembly.  I mounted the power supply and other DAQ circuitry in a box.  I would like to have a shorter cable to run inside the box, which would mate with a longer cable at the box wall.  Ideally, I would like to have one cable that is about 6 inches long and another that is about 6 feet long.  Please let me know where I can purchase these types of cables.  They are difficult to find on the NI website.
Heather Humphreys
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Which DAQ card are you refering too, there is a PCI and a PCMCIA version of that card, and they use different cables.

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I have the PCI version.  I don't know if it will help, but just to make sure it's clear, the part number that I included in my last message was the part number for the current connector.
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Here you go, here is a product page with the cables that should do the trick. Hope that helps!


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