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motherboard circuit test

What equipment/system do people use for automatically testing a motherboard circuit or any other digital circuit? I am not limited to NI product, so I would like to hear both NI and non NI products. It would be nice if you could also tell me the model and manufacturer name. Thanks!
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With regards to National Instruments products, I would suggest that you examine both the NI 655x (100 MHz Max, Programmable Voltage) and the NI 653x (20 MHz Max, 5 V TTL/CMOS). Below, I have included links to their product pages:

NI 655x Product Pages

NI 653x Product Pages

If you have any specific questions regarding these products, let me know. Good luck with your application.

Spencer S.
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Hi every body,
we had a joint project with a Teacher Motherboard with the GeodeGX1
Can sombody help me I'm lost it is to much
we got the prototype  on a 10Layer PCB Power, Clock and Reset all ok but some how don't boot we got one working unit of our teacher but he died in a car crash
It looks there is a special thing missing for the first boot  we changed the
Winbond, M-systems and 93C46
from one board to the other same result
 1)Geode GX1
 2)Geode CS5530A
 3)WinBond W29C020C P90B (BIOS)
 4)M-System MD-2810-008 (OS) Linux based
 6)DP83815DVNG with 93C46
this are the main components
would be great if somebody could help me some how I'm sure for experts like you it is a small job
hope fore your reply
              John Patrick Gyles
If you need Schematik
everything is in Protell 99SE
It is a Study project and we Stuck
nobody seem to be able to help us or want to help
ofcause if needed we Pay for it as we want to get it done
is over a Year now since the Teacher died and we don't get any where
would help to know exactly how to start the Testing
Screen is Black, no Beep conected
Basicly need a guide for Dummi like meSmiley Sad
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Hi Shanon,

It is a short question you ask, but I could talk hours to you about testing these products.

In (very very) short:

First there is DFT (Design For Testability) but I think you are past this milestone ?

Boundary Scan Technology is, in mine opinion, one of the best methods fot testing digital boards. But it depends strongly on the DFT.

After that it depends on the quantities, ICT test, Flying probe test. Here you talk about several k's in money terms and for ICT the DFT part is important.

BIST. Build In SelfTest is a good method for testing a board  from the inside (minimal kernel of proc and program in Eprom) and extending this to other parts of the board. Difficulty here is the communication towards the operator in case of an error and fault finding. I did a lot of fault finding on CPU boards and motherboards with a listing of the BIST and a logic analyzer.

Then there is always the functional test and most people start end stop at this stage. For a motherboard I would say try to simulate as much as possible. I know there are Keyboard/mouse simulators so you (or the operator) doesn't have to do much and there are no operator errors in that part.

But when you test functional you have to have a operating system running and the Human interface must operate. So that is ? 80% ? of the motherboard.

And you can use a mix of these methods and many other things.

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You replied to a 3.5 year old thread that was awakened by rickgyles.happy smiley

Good info, nonetheless.

See Rick's new thread here



"It’s the questions that drive us.”
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Thanks, later today I saw the new thread. Well maybe some usefull info for who knows Smiley Wink
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