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Multifunction DAQ

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looking for daq to control 8 motors via 8 current drivers

Hi, I have never used any NI hardware ever, and just started with this field, but interested in it. I have 8 custom dc motors controlled by varying input current. Each motor can turn clockwise or counter clockwise and fast or slow depending on the dc current driver (e.g. l298 motor driver can supply the electric current at the maximum 48v 100A). I previously used arduino to generate 3 things into the driver via 3 pins of arduino. The first one is pwm signal (value 0-255 to make the motor fast or slow), and the others are 2 digital output signals (either high or low to control the rotational direction of the motor). Each motor needs one driver. The result based on arduino is fine for me, but I would like to upgrade my system for more performance and work with openCV by myself-coding on python, including Labview or computer-based control. 


Kindly you suggest me two things

1. I have reviewed many DAQs but I am not sure which one can serve my objective to individually control 8 motors? 

2. I have review USB-6212 and others that provides me plenty of digital I/O, but pwm can be generated by analog output, and varying the output voltage for fast or slow. In this case, is it possible to use digital output to perform the same thing instead? 


Thank you for your suggestion

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