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lock-in amplifier using PCI DAS4020/12



I have a PCI DAS 4020/12 board and would to ask experts here either it can be used as a lock-in amplifier (LIA) or not. As I read in lock-in amplifier section in NI website, the factors that have to be considered in developing LIA are; simultaneous sampling, dynamic range, sampling rate and anti aliasing.

As I checked in techical specifications of the board, this board offers simultaneous sampling, the dynamic range is 80dB (12 bits), the sampling rate is up to 20MHz ( I only wanna sample about 1kHz) but not very sure that is anti-alising or not.

As I know, I have to use ULx, the Universal Library that is provided to build up LIA in labview. I am also not sure that ULx offers for developing LIA


Anybody has experinced on this? Or any advice?


Thanks in advanced!




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Hi fatin_ferrari


I recommend you to take a look to the link below, the pdf.

Lock-In seminar may 2011.pdf


After page 80.



Frank R.

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