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lab-pc-1200 - 183008H-11 (Lab Series ASIC)

Can someone explain the difference between the Lab-PC-1200 (p/n 183008H-01) and the Lab-PC-1200 (p/n 183008H-11)? Does the -11 have more or less functionality than the -01? also, where does the Lab-PC-1200/AI (p/n 183008H-12) fit into this?


So, there are 3 config: -01, -11 and -12. What are the differences?


I saw a reference the the ASIC chip, but i dont know what that means.



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The /AI boards (-02 and -12) have no analog output functionality.  The Lab Series ASIC is used on both the -11  and -12 products.  I'm not aware of any functional difference between those versions of the board and the -01 and -02 versions, respectively.

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Thanks for the reply! 


If there is not functional difference then why do they exist? ASIC stands for application-specific integrated circuit, correct?


From this white paper, the ASIC looks to be a programmable chip.


It would see that there are specific programs/functions on the boards with the ASIC chip. Are the other NI products that have an ASIC version and a non-ASIC version? Perhaps we can make some coorilation between the Lab-PC-1200 and the other boards that have the ASIC as an option. Currently on there are many PXI boards and various GPIB boards that use the ASIC chip. But currently there is no indication that there are versions without the ASIC.




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Correct -- an ASIC can be designed for any application, so the one used on the ISA DAQ boards you ask about provides different functionality than would a GPIB ASIC, for example.  Given that the ISA boards were developed 20 years ago, I would guess that there was simply no ASIC used in the original design (but I don't have the documentation handy to verify).  Functionally, I wouldn't expect any difference between the designs -- in terms of performance though, the ASIC provides optimization in onboard space and routing, which may improve things like power efficiency or MTBF.


I don't understand the relevance of your questions.  What is your objective?

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I have several of these boards and am just trying to identify them. If there is more or less functionality, I just wanted to be aware of any differences.


Thanks for you help!

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