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internal trigger with cDAQ-9184


I have a cDAQ-9184.  In the cDAQ device I have NI 9401, 8 port digital IO card, and a NI 9269 analog output card.  In my application I want to set the 8 lines out of the 9401 (digital card) to high, and trigger an analog output operation on the 9269 on the digital lines.  

Per this application note it looks like I want to use one of the 8 PFI lines for my start trigger: Setting Up a Digital Trigger in a CompactDAQ Chassis - NI


My question is, do I need to do anything to connect the Digital output lines to a PFI line?  or will the internal PFI line reflect the state of the line?


Thanks, whitsy

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Each line form the 9401 can act as a PFI line, PFI0 is DIO0, PFI1 is DIO1 ... PFI8 is DIO8.
But if you are using all 8 lines from the 9401 as outputs, you don't have a free line to use as a PFI input.


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So I can use the lower nibble, DIO0-DIO3 as outputs and then loopback one of those to a line on the upper nibble to use as a trigger?

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Yes, that can work.

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