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intermittent +/-10v saturation on front panel chart

My intermittently shows all channels from one SCXI card saturated with a high frequency signal when I press the run arrow. If I just restart the vi, it sometimes cleans up and all channels look good. Ive checked connections, changes out PXI/SCXI chassis, 1125 SCXI card, pxi controller and pxiDAQ module with no luck. What would cause this?

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Hi Figure-8,


Could you post a screenshot of your code? If you are not modifying any of your wiring connections, have tried different hardware, and only restarting your VI, and this is what is sometimes resolving your issue, then it sounds like there could be an issue with the code. 


You could also try creating a task in NI MAX with your SCXI 1520 and see if the same behavior occurs. 


Hope this helps!

Robert R. | Applications Engineer | National Instruments
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