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int32 CVICALLBACK EveryNCallback on gcc



I am configuring a code for continuous sampling using NI-DAQmx (6255). In the ANCI C sample codes, the following is used:


int32 CVICALLBACK EveryNCallback(...


Is this only for CVI environment or can I use it on gcc too?




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Reference here:


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How Can I Use the NI-DAQmx ANSI C Function Library with Borland C and Delphi?

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Nope, I have already generated the necessary library for the gcc compiler. I just want to know whether  " int32 CVICALLBACK EveryNCallback " works on gcc. I am not sure since it calls CVICALLBACK. I was able to compile the sample code. But I dont know if it will work fine with the device.

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CVICALLBACK is just a #define to (ultimately) tell the compiler to use the __cdecl calling convention:

#if defined(__linux__) || defined(__APPLE__)
#define __CFUNC
#define __CFUNC_C
#define CVICDECL
#define __CFUNC         __stdcall
#define __CFUNC_C       __cdecl
#define __CFUNCPTRVAR   __cdecl
#define CVICDECL        __cdecl

Assuming that gcc understands the __cdecl keyword it should work fine.


(In this context "CVICALLBACK" isn't specific to CVI, it refers to any C environment. The "CVI" prefix is present for historic reasons.)

Brandon Streiff ·
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