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how we control a eletrical load through a timer

   we want to apply the various eletrical load ie;starting from 100A to 500A in the circuit. The load should ON for a particular time ie;1mins like that. how can I use LabVIEW as a timer?.
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Hello mail_2is,

There are different ways to using timing with LabVIEW.  How are you interfacing with your hardware?  Do you have a DAQ board or a switch?  What are you using to provide the current?

Depending on your hardware, there may be several options.  Some options include the timed loop or sequence, a timer (i.e. wait ms) inside a while loop, external signals to trigger an event, or hardware timing for a daq task (analog or digital). 

If you do not require precise timing (i.e. your load can be on for approximately 1 minute, 55-65 seconds is fine) then the simplest option would be to using the timing functions or timed structures.  To learn about these functions use context help (CTRL+H) or LabVIEW help for the functions in your structures pallette (timed structures) and your timing pallette.

If you would like a more detailed suggestion, please post information regarding what hardware you are using and what signals you would like to control from LabVIEW.


Jennifer O.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments 

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