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how to use math interfact toolkit

I use labview FULL version. Not labview professional version.
And I am using USB 6259 now.
Or do I need to upgrade this software? I don't know which version
I have.

I looked at the video. But I still didn't figure out how
to use it by playing with the mit_daq example online.

The steps I did is
1. delete AcquiredSignal
2. Copy PowerSpectrum DBL.
3. connect to the port which connect to the AcquiredSignal before
   Name it AcqSignal
Save it.

But I could not see the AcqSignal in the list by choosing
math interface toolkit option.

I really appreciate your help!

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Hello Gang.  
Thank you for contacting National Instruments.  
The reason that you were not seeing the newly created indicator is that you did not edit the connector pane of the VI to output this new indicator.  The math interface toolkit list is populated solely on the inputs and outputs of a VI so without configuring this new indicator to be an output of the VI, it will not populate the list.  
You can edit the connector pane yourself by right clicking on the VI Icon on the front panel and selecting 'Edit Connector Pane'.  Then, click a box in the connector pane and click on the control that you want to be associated with that connector pane input/output.  
Let me know how this goes for you!  If you have any additional questions, I would be more than happy to help.   
Have a great day! 
Brian F
Applications Engineer
National Instruments

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