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how to set an acquisition time interval using DAQmx

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 I'm using a 6123 DAQ to acquire and store a voltage signal. I'm trying to figure out how I can reduce the time interval of the acquired data, instead of saving 2ms of data I only want to save the first 100us of data. Is this possible?




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How are you setting up your task?  I'm left to assume you are using Finite Samples for your acquisition type.  So what you do is use the DAQmx Timing VI set your sample rate and the number of samples to take.  The number of samples you want will be the sampe rate (Samples/second) multiplied by the interval you want (seconds).


So let's say you are acquiring at 500kHz and you want 100us of data.  You will need to set the number of samples to read to 500e3*100e-6 = 50 samples

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This is exactly what I needed thanks for your help!

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