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how to select data point to be logged

i am using a USB NI daq. in my block program i have a DAq assistant with 17 channels being used. i output the signals to a select signal block then to  a multi-signal chart. i branch off of that to a write measurement file block in a case structure loop that will be activated by a boolean to record the data. my question is, i want to select only certain data at random to record and not all of it. this function would be on the front panel represented by a boolean button to trigger that point of data to pass thru and be recorded. Did i mention that i am new to Labview. i also have a dynamic converter that breaks out the data to a specific real time meter for displaying.


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Hello,  chiefautomation!
If I got this question right, you should add a case structure and use a Boolean as your case selector, link it to your front panel button. If you want to distinguish your channels, you should use the "index array" function with a constant from 0 to 16 (depending on which channel you want to get).
Good luck in your project!


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