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how to select AC/DC and excitation current ON/OFF for NI 9234

Now I want to use ni-9234 to test the vibration signal. Two channel will be used: one need the excitation current and the other do not. Both channel should work at AC mode. 

Therefore, my questions are:


1. if a signal generator is connected to one channel of NI 9234 with the excitation current on, would the excitation current produce any damage or effect to the devices( ni 9234 and the signal source)?

2. how to select the excitation current ON/OFF, and AC/DC mode in labview?


Thanks for reading and reply!

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1. I do not think it is a good idea to "excite" the signal generator. Whether it ould cause any damage is depended on the circuit design of both devices, but there is a potential.

2. Have you already searched the web about that topic?

How Do I Enable IEPE Excitation on My DSA Device in DAQmx?

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Thanks for your reply. It does help.

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