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how to measure ac voltage using pxi

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 We are doing an project in speed control of permanent magnet brushless dc motor using labview.

regarding this we have to acquire around 20 volt ac. we have pxi and scxi and bnc card. is this hardwares are enough for this project? please give sugesstions.


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Accepted by voltage measurement

Could you provide the model number of the pxi and scxi boards? There are different types and they all have different capabilities.


You could also do the search yourself of the types and read the specifications. Just enter the model number into the search box at the top of the page.

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Hi, I am doing project on speed control of pmbldc motor. control type is sensorless control. for that i have to aquire the motor terminal voltage. it is around 20 volts. in our lab we have PCI 6024E and scxi and BNC 2120 AND pxI . Will these hardwares are useful?. please give suggestions.
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You've got WHAT SCXI and WHAT PXI?


The PCI 6024E obviously cannot do it without signal conditioning as I'm sure you saw from the product page.

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