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how to get from Read to XY Plot??

I'm new to LabView. I have two channels on a PCI-6220 card wired for voltage. I want to display them as an X-Y graph (Force vs Position). I can successfully move the data into the Labview environment using a task and a It appears that the generates a 1D array of DBL's. I can wire that connection to an X-Y graph or chart, but it maps one channel to both axes. I believe there must be some sort of demultiplexer that allows me to select a particular array position and output it to a control as a scalar.
Can somebody point me in the right direction?
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Hi Jim,

Click on DAQmx read (it is apolymorphic VI) select type to show multiple channels, multiple samples in form of 2D array.

If you have configured 2  channels in the scan list, then first row array elements will be channel 1's data and second row elements will be channel 2's data.

Now bundle them into XY graph and display. Look at the first attached VI

If you want to keep appending each iteration's data and show continously on the graph, you have to use shift registers to build array for each channel and display on the graph. Look at second attached VI to do this







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